Mortgage leads for loan officers and lenders

Close more loans with mortgage leads qualified for down payment assistance and ready to buy.

Connect with mortgage leads ready to buy now

Stairs gives you access to high-intent mortgage leads that are ready and eager to buy their first home. We help our leads qualify for as many down payment assistance programs as possible so they can spend more and buy sooner from you.

First time homebuyer signing a mortgage contract


Buyers sign up with Stairs

We help buyers secure down payment assistance programs.


You receive vetted leads

We supply you with first-time home buyer leads that meet your credit eligibility criteria.


Close more frequently

Our leads tend to close quickly because of high intent and additional resources.

High-quality leads for lenders

Lenders prefer Stairs because of our ability to deliver informed and well-prepared first-time home buyer leads at scale. We connect seamlessly with your CRM to deliver new leads that meet your credit eligibility criteria, in real-time.

Mortgage professional handing keys to a first time homebuyer
Mortgage professional handing contract to homebuyer

Better mortgage leads for loan officers

Sourcing mortgage leads can be a murky business. Stairs provides you with transparently sourced leads with high intent of purchasing their first home. Backed by down payment assistance programs, our mortgage leads are confident of their purchasing power and ready to prequalify for their first mortgage.

Fill your pipeline with reliable leads

Stop wasting money on poor-quality leads lists and ineffective ads. Stairs gives you the confidence of prescreened leads with first-time home buyer grants on their side. Our leads have the budget, resources, and intent to close quickly.

A row of homes you could acquire with down payment assistance

Partner with the leader in first-time home buyer mortgage leads

Stairs makes it simple to connect with first-time home buyers ready to buy. Schedule a demo to see how we can help you close more often.

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