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You could get more than $10,000 to buy your home. Stairs helps put your first home within reach. Find out which down payment assistance you qualify for, along with the best loans and rates for you.

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    Empowering first-time and aspiring home buyers


    See which programs you qualify for

    We sort through hundreds of down payment assistance programs and find the right ones for you.


    Find the right mortgages and lenders

    Based on the programs you qualify for, we find you the most competitive rates and lenders.


    Purchase your first home with confidence

    Connect with an experienced loan officer to help take the first step towards home ownership.

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    The expert in down payment assistance

    We are the leader in helping home buyers find down payment assistance. We figure out exactly how much you could save on your home loan and we make the application process easy to understand.

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    Receive down payment assistance

    Many home buyers aren't aware that they qualify for multiple down payment assistance programs. We make sure you don't miss out on a single dollar. With enough down payment assistance, you could be moving into your new home years sooner.

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    Qualify for first-time home buyer programs

    As a home buyer, it's almost impossible to find every program you qualify for. Programs launch often and others end frequently. We take the struggle out of finding down payment assistance with the most comprehensive database of available programs.

    Down payment loans and assistance to kick-start buying your home


    A cash payment to increase your spending power.

    Forgivable Loans

    A second mortgage you won't have to pay back after a number of years.

    Deferred-Payment Loans

    Deferred interest payments for a fixed period of time.

    Matched Savings Programs

    A cash payment based on the amount you've saved for your home.

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    I'm ready to buy now

    We'll find the right down payment assistance programs and loans for you.

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    I'm thinking about buying

    We'll help you understand your options and get everything in place early.

    Down payment assistance FAQ

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    Can I get additional down payment assistance with an FHA loan?

    Get the keys to your first home sooner with the leader in down payment assistance

    Stop thinking about buying and make it happen. Stairs can help you own your first home years earlier.

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