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Stairs shows you homes you can afford and how you can afford them--with increased purchasing power from free money from the government and investment gains
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Stairs Financial is your on-ramp to home ownership
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  • Quickly understand the state of your finances and how much home you can afford
  • Find homes nationwide that fit your budget
  • Connect with an agent if you're ready
Connect automatically to tax breaks and home buying grants
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  • Expand your home budget with nearly 1,000 home buyer programs across the country
  • Federal, State and County based programs are included
  • Programs targeting all home buyers, including first time home buyers
Learn everything you need to do before you buy
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  • Detailed checklists for every step of the home buying process
  • Home buying education like you'd get from a smart friend
  • Partner with lenders, agents and more pros that we trust
Build towards your down payment
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  • If you need more time to prepare, set a down payment goal powered by national real estate data
  • Make recurring investments towards your down payment and know when you'll be ready to buy
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